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these are the PTC sites for earning money, click all of these now, and all are free to sign up!"

1.all of this sites are not scams, because it provides forum, and a lot of payment proof, at all of this sites you could advertise your bussiness cheaply, easy, and safety. and also earn money per day!

2.NEOBUX: The most elite ptc in the world, and the refferals are very active

3.onbux: it's the best site i ever know, min payout 2$, no fee, when you reached 0.75 the best chance is you have to rent some refferals, refferal give you cash when they clicking ads, recycle cost 0.07 so you can get active refferal. refferal click is worth 50%, up to 100% for premium.

4.123bux: payments are sent via alertpay and liberty reserve, it provides 4 ads per day, give it a try!

5.Rayabux: a nice PTC from Indonesia, it provides the members with standard ads, miny ads, and tiny ads.

6.trekpay: it's different from the other ptc, but it's an unique site to earn money, each time when you open a link that provide by trekpay, you'll be given credits, when you have amount of credits, you'll be pay once a week, credits are convert into cash, min payout is 5$, up to 100% no premium account, all members stats are standard

7.cashium: 2$ min payout, sign up free,

8.INCRASEbux: Very old PTC, but it still paying it members, it provides 5 ads per day

9.alertpay: a place that you can save your money online, very cheap to verify, all you need is a handphone for verifying, and you can also transfer your alert pay money to your bank!

note: find the payment proof with keyword: payment proof of paying ptc on google,,
good luck :)



the key for the strategy is you have to be patient and diligent for clicking, after you have enough money search refferal or rent the refferal, after that you'll make infinity income for your family

alert! scam list of earning money site. give your comments please

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